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An Iconic British Brand

Lloyd Loom were unable to find a way to develop the new products their clients required, having been in decline for some time. We originated an innovative business design strategy to condense the development process associated with new designs and create production ready pieces. It was an attempt to save the much-loved and iconic British furniture brand, Lloyd Loom of Spalding.

Furniture Designer in Lloyd Loom Factory, Carl Clerkin, William Warren and Gareth Neal. 

Our proposal: prototypes made in the factory using standard processes should be simple to reproduce and accelerate the critical path required to bring them to market.

Lloyd loom process

One weekend in June 2012, five designers took over the Lloyd Loom factory in Pinchbeck. Experimentation and reimagining using existing component parts created impressive new designs for furniture in record time.

Lloyd Loom of Spalding still used original looms to twist paper into cord and weave it into sheets for their iconic upholstery fabric attached to complex steam-bent wooden frames. The resulting production items were launched at the London Design Festival and added to the Lloyd Loom range. As journalist David Redhead reported having seen the project, it 'generated more exciting pieces of processed paper furniture than this obscure but classic brand has produced in years'. Despite critical acclaim and keen interest from key retail buyers from John Lewis, Heals and The Conran Shop, it was too late for the company and the factory ceased trading in 2015. 

Team: Amos Marchant, Carl Clerkin, Chris Eckersley, Gareth Neal, William Warren.