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Amos Marchant Design Studio


A project doesn't end with a design. We provide production support, working with clients to manage projects, liaising with factories or vendors, and seeing projects through to completion. 

What Do You Need?

Most of the time what our clients need is someone they can rely on, someone who understands what they need and will do what they said they would. 

Our team of dedicated specialists work on a variety of projects in collaboration with our clients to bring fresh thinking. We are experienced in working with teams bringing together stakeholders with diverse needs.

The majority of our work is the result of recommendation, we are proud to have built relationships with many clients that continue to endure.

We Make It Happen

We are thinkers, passionate designers, inventive engineers, craftsmen and artists, exploring manufacturing methods with material technology, blending aesthetics, function, familiarity and commercial reality.

These are the ingredients that enable a successful project to build brands and businesses. Our innovative solutions combine vision with a pragmatic understanding of daily life. Each project brings its own demands, the outcomes are often deceptively simple. A broad range of capabilities and extensive experience has led to a diverse portfolio.

Elegant Solutions

Whether designing a product for manufacture or a touring exhibition, our in-house facilities enable us to deliver projects on time, accurately and efficiently. 

We batch produce furniture and bespoke exhibitions installing for museums and galleries.

Our state-of-the-art 3D software enables clients to visualise exactly what to expect, it also provides the data used by factories to make the products, along the way we build physical prototypes and models to test ideas and inform decision.

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