Amos Marchant Design Studio
Industrial Product Design Studio


Coca-Cola Concessions



London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games

Coca-Cola promotional products designed for public concessions in and around all Olympic venues.


Subliminal marketing through less conscious product branding. Our proposal for the London Olympics and Paralympics 2012 addressed advertising restrictions within the Olympic Park. Our novel proposal suggested communicating the brand without the use of the usual branding sledgehammer.

ice Barrels

Exploiting innovative use of super-insulating materials dramatically reduced their environmental impact, keeping drinks cooler for longer.

Table area

Dual height tables feature handbag security with bespoke bottle-shaped carabiner clips. The table stem and parasol are also based on the lines of a classic Coke bottle.

point of sale

Countertop items reinforce the visual identity. A stated goal to create zero-waste informed designs to facilitate redeployment of items post games.