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EXHIBITION: Jerwood Contemporary Makers




Jerwood Contemporary Makers, 2007-2009

Jerwood Makers Open 2010-2012

These display structures were used extensively over a number of years. The exhibition toured nationally, the build was reused for further exhibitions before returning to us to be recycled and where possible, rebuilt into fresh new units. The subsequent exhibition design iterations took on an evolving aesthetic and identity for the shows.

We work extremely efficiently and economically with materials, this project is an example of how we typically recycle materials as a matter of course without making it an overt aesthetic statement.

Designed for Jerwood Contemporary Maker Exhibition series, part of an initiative to support the applied arts and encourage new and stimulating ways of showing work across a range of disciplines. Collaborations with the individual makers led to a series of bespoke display solutions. We thank Iliana Taliotis and subsequently Siobhan Kneale for the many years of support and collaboration to realise these initiatives for the Jerwood Foundation.

Ranging across three gallery spaces, the exhibition design required a layout where each artist could be shown to best effect individually and with parity as part of the group. The exhibition design established a consistent aesthetic without overpowering the work.

Designed and produced for the Jerwood Foundation and Colman Getty. Exhibitions at the Jerwood Space, London and The Galleries at Dovecot, Edinburgh.