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EXHIBITION: Crafts Council, Table Manners

Systems Thinking



Crafts Council 'Table Manners', 2005: Contemporary International Ceramics

How to make a precarious display for fragile exhibits robust and knock-down?

The benefit design can bring is often unseen. Projects are often multi-faceted, our systems thinking utilises a holistic approach to analyse the way that constituent parts are interrelated. We devised an extremely compact exhibition build that delivered a very cost efficient touring exhibition. It enabled significant savings to be made in transport costs and facilitated reduced set-up and take-down times. Integral fittings reduce the potential for losses whilst touring the exhibition.

Designing out problems before they happen might not be appreciated but it makes life more pleasurable.

Our approach, developing design concepts for production, stems in part from expertise gained through years designing office furniture systems. It informs the system-based thinking enabling us to find modular solutions to problems.

This project was one of several collaborations with exhibition designer Tomoko Azumi of tna Design Studio. We love woking with Tomoko, who also specified our Luna stools for learning resource and feedback areas.